Covid19: Some natural tips to keep the immune system healthy

The first steps I recommend to all my family and friend is to take four supplements: Vitamin C 1000mg, Olive leaf capsule 500 mg, Oregano oil 1 essential oil capsule and have propolis spray on hand for a sore throat (as long as you are not allergic it’s a bee product)

I also recommend whatever you normally do for immune system health. I take elderberry tincture, angelica tincture, echinacea and goldenseal if I feel something coming on that is more than a sore throat.

Zinc 25 mg is a good supplement and some people are recommending up to 80 mg a day but I think the problem is Zinc does not get absorbed easily without an ionophore like quercitin or brocholi sprouts or other bitters. Zinc is absorbed very well in the form of raw pumpkin seeds but you will need a lot for 80 mg. (I estimate a cup or so)

Bitters and Dietary Phytochemical index. Our culture should have more bitter plants in our every day diet because the surfactant of the lung is comprised partly of bile. All of our ancestors ate bitters like dandelion greens and you can choose Andrographis which is an herb known to kill coronaviruses and it’s a bitter too (no one has tested it for this corona virus). Note: pharmaceutical companies are not interested in testing herbal therapies. No one is saying these herbs will cure someone who is already on a ventilator. The point is to prevent the illness in the first place.  Please subscribe to my youtube channel!

I suggest you listen to Dr. Klinghardt‘s videos and follow the wonderful herbalist Matt Wood.

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