Thistle’s Cushings and kidney disease cured during Pandemic

Thistle is a fourteen-year old Border terrier with months-long history of kidney and liver failure and Cushings disease. Cushings is a problem in the adrenal gland that is caused by too much cortisol and a widespread endocrine imbalance. It can cause overdrinking, overeating, pot belly, infections, and elevated liver enzymes and metabolic stress. Conventional medicine separates the pituitary versus adrenal-dependent cases but holistic medicine sees them all as excess uncontrolled heat trapped in different organs for different reasons. Kibble fed dogs are very commonly afflicted as are older females especially in the terrier families. Thistle had kidney yin deficiency and damp heat. Her herbs were Rehmania 16 (ITM) as well as my custom kidney and liver formulas. My feeling is that a minimal vaccine schedule, homemade diet (Thistle is on a carb free version of what is on my website no chicken or beef or lamb) and minimizing EMF can decrease the severity of the symptoms. It is not a disease that gets better on it’s own. Western meds have side effects (Trilostane, etc) but Thistle’s customized treatments have no side-effects, only side benefits.

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