Henry’s Food Sensitivities


“My 20 year experience with other holistic vets changed when prednisone and antibiotics were recommended by a holistic vet for my dog Henry’s liver disease. I was referred to Dr. Donna Kelleher, who is a gifted vet like none other. Dr. Donna tested Henry for food sensitivities and started him on liver support with mushrooms, herbs and acupuncture.

Today Henry, a 9.5 year old Portuguese Water Dog, is back to his energetic self. Our experience was magical and not only did I learn about my dogs’ health, but I learned about the role I play every day in the well being of our entire family.”

Randi Astrom

Hallie’s Allergies & GI Issues



“I brought my dachshund Hallie to Dr. Donna for allergies and GI issues. Most of her life Hallie was given immunotherapy shots every three weeks for allergies. She’d also been taking Carafate and Pepcid for her stomach issues for several months. Dr. Donna was able to get her off all of her meds by using NAET and recommending diet changes. Hallie’s stomach is now by far in the best condition it’s ever been and her allergies have been greatly reduced. We couldn’t be happier!”

Dee Dee Murry

D’light’s Allergies



“I brought my Rat Terrier, D’light, to Donna hoping figure out the cause of his chronic ear infections and poor appetite. Donna examined my sweet little guy and discovered he had a number of food allergies. She performed a handful of NAET treatments, and in no time D’light’s ear infections ceased and his appetite improved dramatically.

I’m overjoyed to report that thanks to Donna, D’light is doing great! Donna is so amazing and I can’t thank her enough for helping me help D’light feel better!”

Julee Allen

Louie’s Allergies & Liver Disease

Louie (Before)

Louie (After)

“Louie, my standard poodle, was entirely covered with bloody, itchy scabs when he first came to me. He scratched himself relentlessly; and by that I mean every waking moment was spent scratching. Conventional treatments had been started on Louie at seven months old, and included the use of prednisone and Ivermectin. The drugs provided short term relief but made his problem worse in the long run. My first visit to Donna was nothing short of a miracle! She NAET tested Louie and found him to be allergic to grains and chicken, and that he was showing signs of liver damage. After his first visit with her there was an instant change; no more scratching! I have faithfully followed her diet recommendations and used the immune building powders, among others, and have watched an amazing transformation in my dog! Blood tests prior to Donna showed elevated liver enzymes, but recent test showed levels to be normal! I’ve learned through Donna that a healthy diet and building a strong immune system makes all the difference. I feel proud of my hard work and seeing the results of it. Thanks Donna!”

Barb vanSwearingen

Niko’s Seizures


“We’re so lucky that we found Dr. Donna to help our German Shepherd, Niko, with his seizures. Conventional treatment with anti-seizure medication had been completely ineffective. The seizures progressively became more frequent and intense, and Niko was given more and more medication. After 1.5 years of conventional treatment, Niko was still having multiple seizures every few days – despite receiving high doses of three different medications. We sadly realized that we might have to put him down after he experienced six seizures in one day. But Dr. Donna was turned things around and Niko has only had two grand mal seizures in the last two years! We’ve completely eliminated two of the three conventional medications and significantly reduced the dosage of the third. It’s like a miracle—thank you Dr. Donna!”

Betsy Moor
*editor’s note: Niko was treated by Dr. Donna with acupuncture, NAET, diet recommendations and herbal medicine.

Buddy’s Itchy Skin

Buddy (Before)

Buddy (After)

“Buddy, our rescue beagle came to us with severe skin issues at age ten. He’d previously received multiple vaccinations and cortisone shots, which had made his condition worse. We immediately introduced him to Dr. Kelleher, who started him on a special diet and worked her magic with the help of both acupuncture and chiropractic. In no time, the skin issues were gone and Buddy was on his way to a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

Now, at age twelve, he has none of the usual back problems that frequently plague most beagles. He’s energetic and acts much younger than his age. We periodically visit Dr. Kelleher for tune-ups, and he’s contented and enjoying life. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Dr. Kelleher!”

Marilyn D. from Anacortes

Tucker’s Allergies, Epilepsy and Heart Disease


“Donna is Tucker’s angel! Her straightforward style and loving healing approach has helped us discover and pinpoint his allergies and therefore tailor his diet. Tucker was also recently diagnosed with aortic stenosis and idiopathic epilepsy — a combination that can prove fatal with a high energy Boxer. Tucker has become much calmer and his fainting spells are far less frequent following regular acupuncture and using herbal medicine. Much thanks to Donna for giving me peace of mind and Tucker the healing support needed for continued good health.”

Topper’s IBD


“Topper experienced several episodes of diarrhea and severe stomach pain for many years. An emergency vet clinic told us he likely had Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and that if he had another episode we should come in for a $2,000 scoping procedure that could confirm if he should be placed on highly restrictive diet and steroids. Dr. Donna had helped Topper with chiropractic care after a back injury, so I checked with her about Tucker’s IBD. She told me she had great success treating IBD without steroids, scoping procedures or significantly restricting a dog’s diet. Instead, she performed NAET on Topper, and then prescribed herbs for him to take twice a day (cat’s claw, marshmallow and passion flower).

This was over a year ago, and Topper has had no more IBD problems. He’s a happy, healthy dog, loving life and bringing much happiness to everyone in the family.”