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Dr. Donna Presenting at The International Herb Symposium June 9, 2017

Dr. Donna will be presenting two of her herbal workshops at the 13th Annual International Herb Symposium at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts on June 9, 2017. Workshop details provided below. For more information, including registration, please visit the IHS website at WORKSHOP #1 Pacific NW Plants:  A photo journey of the healing plants of my backyard here in WA state;… Read more →

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Car Trouble

Dr. Donna Kelleher was interviewed for and article on dog Car Sickness/Anxiety in the June 2015 issue of Whole Dog Journal. Five magic words: “Wanna go for a ride?” These six simple syllables are enough to launch some dogs into a dizzying display of tail-wagging leaps and spins in eager anticipation of the fun to be found in a car… Read more →

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The Poop on Holistic Pet Care

Americans, as most of us know, have been visiting chiropractors, naturopaths and massage therapists in droves in recent years. The alternative medicine phenomenon has landed on television news programs and the cover of national news magazines. But alternative healthcare isn’t just for people. These days, millions of Americans are taking Fido, Whiskers and other pets to acupuncturists, homeopaths and other… Read more →

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Pets on Pins and Needles

Mella the golden retriever was an itchy dog — a very itchy dog. Each night she would stay awake frantically scratching at the burning sores and scaly skin covering her body. As her allergies grew worse, the soft skin on her belly turned black with scabs and the tissue between her toes grew red and inflamed. Eventually much of her… Read more →