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Dr Donna facing a horse

Positive, clicker training with wild one year old Mustang

Mick is the sweetest most reliable horse now but several years ago we were sorting things out! He would try to bite me (that is why I am carrying a whip) and I was trying to train him to the point we could catch him. I wanted him to learn that touch was safe. If you have an aggressive animal,… Read more →

A horse drinking chamomile tea

Mick Loves Chamomile Tea!

Here I am giving my new Mustang baby Chamomile tea. Mick is from Oregon BLM herds. Please consider adopting a mustang over breeding. ¬†They are honest, confident and pure of heart and no bred horse has feet like this Mustang. They are the opposite of Charlie’s thin soled tiny poor excuses for hooves. Please watch all the videos on my… Read more →