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How does acupuncture help after back surgery?

Emma had back surgery five years ago but still had severe spasms after surgery. Rather than stay on perpetual medications, she started getting acupuncture and gentle chiropractic to help the nerves work better. If the nerves are mis-firing onto the neuromuscular junctions, pain and spasms in the muscle result but acupuncture can greatly help restore proper spinal function and movement… Read more →

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Tommy says thanks!

Hi! My name is Tommy and I ran into a gate by accident and twisted my neck. I had trouble walking on my left side and I could not turn my head. After 2 chiropractic adjustments (very gentle, barely noticeable to the casual observer) and acupuncture treatments, I can run again. ┬áMy person says I should remember not to run… Read more →

Horse chest

Horse Lessons

Holistic vet Dr. Karen Mueller recently showed me how to adjust a horse’s sternum. This is particularly useful in a horse that pins his ears angrily when you tighten his girth. Here are three pictures of the same horse as he is standing with his legs in the same position (square under him). His legs did not move during time… Read more →