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Smiling dog named Thistle

Thistle’s Cushings and kidney disease cured during Pandemic

Thistle is a fourteen-year old Border terrier with months-long history of kidney and liver failure and Cushings disease. Cushings is a problem in the adrenal gland that is caused by too much cortisol and a widespread endocrine imbalance. It can cause overdrinking, overeating, pot belly, infections, and elevated liver enzymes and metabolic stress. Conventional medicine separates the pituitary versus adrenal-dependent… Read more →

A black dog wearing a harness

Koal: Schipperke with a mission to heal the liver

Koal is a ten year old Schipperke with years of liver trouble. Three months ago, his ALP (liver enzyme indicating stagnation) was almost 4,000 (normal is under 100) and his people had seen the number increase rapidly over the last year. Ultrasound revealed severe fibrosis, scar tissue blocking hepatic circulation. Diet, herbs and acupuncture to the rescue! Eight weeks after… Read more →