The Ripple Effect

Ripple the first day I saw him, joints shaved. Steroids high dose and feeling terrible. It’s important to note that he had inflammatory side effects from routine vaccinations over his life time.

Ripple after three visits.












In my new book, Zen and the Art of Caring for Pets, I write about Ripple, an eight year-old poodle with severe IMPA (Immune mediated polyarthritis.) Note: Ripple’s joints are shaved where the specialist vet did joint taps to try to find a bacteria or infectious cause for the inflammation. The whole story is in my book in a chapter called, “The Ripple Effect.” The original symptoms are very high fever and pain due to the joints being swollen and inflamed because the dog is attacking his own joints. The ultimate problem is the immune system is very imbalanced. Did you know that immune-mediated diseases are on the rise in pets? Ripple enjoys full remission from his condition now and best of all no need for corticosteroids or any conventional pharmaceutical. We used trigger identification, acupuncture and herbs. Avoiding and treating diet, vaccine and chemical triggers are essential in this situation. After the first visit, isolating food triggers and changing diet to homemade single protein and veggies which we rotate monthly, acupuncture, NAET to clear proteins and the herbs including Reconciling tablets (ITM) and china tung Shueh (Mayway) and others, he is normal now and I only see him monthly. No conventional meds needed. Acupuncture, alone, is an easy way to control this syndrome.

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