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Dr Donna facing a horse

Positive, clicker training with wild one year old Mustang

Mick is the sweetest most reliable horse now but several years ago we were sorting things out! He would try to bite me (that is why I am carrying a whip) and I was trying to train him to the point we could catch him. I wanted him to learn that touch was safe. If you have an aggressive animal,… Read more →

Elephant trunk

Our Zoo Elephants want to go to the PAWS sanctuary

  This is a photo of the sanctuary in Chang Mai ( Despite her old age, note that this elephant’s face is not indented. Elephants in captivity without the ability to really walk have a different appearance. Go to for more information. We are in a time crunch and every call matters. Please contact our Seattle City Council to urge… Read more →

A skinny horse

Tino the Wonder Horse

Looking at him today, it is hard for me to believe that my horse Tino was ever in this bad of shape. Tino was seized, along with a number of other badly neglected horses, by Skagit County animal control officers. After being in foster care for three weeks, I welcomed him into our family. The lesson I’ve learned from Tino… Read more →