*NEW* Vaccine Protocol Consults

We are excited to announce that Dr. Jeff is now offering holistically based vaccine protocol consults focused on providing your pet with a far safer alternative to the one-size-fits-all protocol widely followed by conventional veterinary clinics (but is without consideration of the individual’s needs). This can often lead to serious health issues related to over-vaccination (vaccinosis).

We strongly believe in providing puppies a safe and effective vaccine protocol that delivers full protection against potentially life threatening diseases that commonly afflict puppies. Dr. Jeff’s puppy vaccine protocol consists of minimal (core) vaccines that are completely mercury-free. He currently provides client consults that include both vaccine and vaccinosis protocols, as well as administering the vaccines. Please note, the herbs and vitamins prescribed during consults are custom formulated for each patient’s needs and are not available for purchase without consult.

Consults are by appointment only. To make an appointment, please contact Dr. Jeff.

*We do not advocate the use of non-core vaccines or neurotoxic flea products for puppies or adult dogs