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A dog beside its food with herbs

Reaction to NY Times article on Dog foods and heart disease I submitted this to the NY times this morning: The article on brands linked to heart disease was not based on a double-blind study nor did it even mention taurine, the primary amino acid of interest nor did the reporter contact anyone outside of the Pet Food Institute which is nothing other than a corporate megaphone for big companies.… Read more →

Dr Donna presenting in front of a group of participants

Dr. Donna teaches Saturday Dec 1 class, “Canine Nutrition”

We touched on why kibble is not good for dogs or cats, the dangers of treated water, raw versus cooked diets, the role of vitamins and minerals for our canine friends, omega fatty acids and oxidative stresses. I know these sound dry but in an effort to keep up the motivation, we worked on our own breathing. Inhaling up through… Read more →