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Dr Donna carrying a dog with braided hair

WEBINAR: Immune-Mediated Disease (October 30, 4:00pm PST)

Immune-mediated and autoimmune diseases are becoming an epidemic in America today, both in humans and pets. Many people are unaware that these diseases may be connected to their pet’s chronic issues with allergies, arthritis, IBD and other inflammatory diseases. While in some cases traditional medicine may offer relief of discomfort by suppressing acute symptoms, the results are typically short-lived and… Read more →

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Chloe is sixteen years old!

Chloe first came to me ten years ago with her inflammatory bowel disease. Medications and diet changes could not solve her ongoing diarrhea. But luckily, upon diagnosing her with multiple food sensitivities, her person was willing to cook.  Look how bright she looks at sixteen years old.  She is on herbs to strengthen her thyroid, liver, kidneys and heart which… Read more →

Gracie cured

Gracie’s IBD & Diarrhea Cured

Gracie, the two year old Golden with severe IBD and diarrhea is cured!  Her total protein and her weight are both normal. No more acupuncture, reducing herbal treatment, but she will stay on her homemade diet of meat and veggies (cooked). She was hospitalized previously for a week, only to become sicker on immune-suppressing medications. In holistic medicine we do… Read more →

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Meet Avalanche: 11 year-old male neutered Great Pyrenees

Avalanche’s history: Hip dysplasia, TPLO surgery for cruciate ligament tear at age one, lipomas, food allergies, intestinal symptoms. Most recent symptoms: Horner’s syndrome, neurologic weakness left hind. Conventional treatment: If treated according to traditional Western veterinary practice, Avalanche would likely be on a regimen of steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as well as narcotics for acute pain episodes. Each of… Read more →