Zen and the Art of Caring for Pets

Zen and the Art of Caring for PetsZen and the Art of Caring for Pets is a heartfelt and inspiring story of overcoming the challenges of pet care. This book will help veterinarians, animal rescue volunteers, animal shelter workers, veterinary technicians, environmental advocates and anyone who has a special place in their heart for animals. Elaborating on a variety of holistic modalities, this book addresses some of the common obstacles to optimal pet care such as unhealthy food ingredients, over-vaccination and weakening genetics through overbreeding. This book follows Dr. Donna’s lifelong experiences from her work in critical care hospitals to her private holistic practice in the Pacific Northwest. She walks us through an array of holistic treatments such as acupuncture, gentle chiropractic, NAET, Western and Chinese herbal medicine in her quest to cure her patients. Addressing an epidemic of depression, self-criticism based on perfectionism and compassion fatigue rampant in the veterinarian profession, she teaches us that healing our pets can be one of the best methods by which we can also heal ourselves.

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