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Alternative Talk 1150 AM

Dr. Donna talks about Canine Influenza on Dog Radio today!

Dr. Donna Kelleher joins us today to talk about Canine Influenza, how to strengthen your dog’s immune system, holistically, and so much more! What about the relationship between nutrition and immune function? How about the impact of stress and emotion on health? Can anxious behavior be related to health issues? Julie and Dr. Donna cover all of this ground and… Read more →

Alternative Talk 1150 AM

Dogs and Allergies

Itchy Skin? Chronic Ear Infections? Chronic Digestive Upset? Diarrhea? Reverse Sneezing? These are all symptoms of food/environmental allergies! Listen to my interview today with Dr Donna Kelleher, author of “The Proof is in the Poodle” and local holistic veterinarian.  Dr. Donna Kelleher is very successful in treating animals with allergies without the use of steroids, antibiotics and immune suppressants. Read… Read more →