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A corgi with its tongue out

The Tongue Says A Lot

What can you tell by a dog’s tongue. Hint: a lot!  See how this fellow has redness around the outside of his tongue but the center is pale purple? This is typical of a dog with liver heat and maybe prednisone which can heat the liver but deplete the kidney/spleen. The purple color means stagnation in those organs. The pale… Read more →

A small poodle

Treating Chipper’s Severe Allergies

Chipper is a four year-old whose skin allergies were so bad, his people took turns holding him at night to prevent him from chewing sores especially between the legs and around the tail. He had no fleas. The regular vet prescribed antibiotics (which helped) and steroids (which made him crazy). Both these medications had poor long term side effects. With… Read more →