Covid19 and Your Kitty: Reverse Zoonosis

Today I read an article in nature which I am sure the media  will love to exploit in order to scare everyone. Remember when we had “The Fairness Doctrine” and instead of a hundred talking heads on cable television who don’t know anything, we had real journalists? Please do not give in to the fear mongering. Cats are getting Covid19 either experimentally (as with the researchers here) or from humans. CATS CANNOT GIVE THE VIRUS TO YOU. This is a phenomenon called Reverse Zoonosis where the animal gets a disease from a person.  Furthermore, cats do not show symptoms. Cats do get other coronaviruses most notably FIP but that is a totally different virus. Remember even the common cold is a coronavirus. So please take your vitamin C (1000-2000 mg a day), Zinc (15-20 mg) and something to help the zinc absorb into the cell (Quercitin 500 mg which is also antiviral) Elderberry (no it does not cause a cytokine storm) Goldenseal (500 mg twice a day) and eat lots of plants–an increase of amount of veggies and fruit and wild plants helps keep your immune system operating optimally, get lots of sleep and drink lots of different types of green tea (to increase polyphenols). But please do not give your cat away. 






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