Week in the Life of Holistic Vet:


Charlie 12 year-old Standard poodle. Cancer remission 2 years so far.

Hi people! Today I thought I would post a wrap up of cases from this week as a change from the usual posts where I focus on one dog at a time.


Patton. Happy boy despite arthritis in both knees and hips and the mast cell cancer

Four older dog arthritis cases got better:  Some from just chiropractic and acupuncture; some with herbs such as boswellia, corydalis, dogwood and boneset powders in the food, some with Adequan injections. Pocky (10 year-old Old English Sheepdog)  is reportedly running like a puppy this morning. Kila (15 year-old Husky mix) is not as incontinent but she is still very stiff.

Cancer dog updates: Charlie (12 year old Stand. poodle) is still in remission from a sarcoma removed with a few ribs 2 years ago. Patton’s mast cell cancer is between the two outside toes, on the Gall Bladder meridian so we are going to move to a different herbal formula to help it. He has been fairly stable for over a year. Smeag (13 year old Shitzu mix) tumor has not regrown in over 5 years! But not she has heart and kidney issues so I sent her with a small amount of a kidney support tincture with Linden and motherwort. And we did have to say good bye to Lulu( 10 year-old poodle). Her lymphoma took over giving us only three months with her.

French bulldog with skin issues better

French bulldog with skin issues better

Three allergy dog updates: Zander (6 month old terrier) is not itching! We had to resort to using yeast killing herbs as well as herbs for itching (Xiao Feng San) and allergy clearings and single protein food rotations every three weeks. Now I won’t see him until February. Two Frenchie’s rounded the allergy corner and are symptom free. No demodex, yeast, Staph or allergy itching but many herbs needed and many treatments needed. Both had been to one or more dermatologists already. Both had problems with the cytopoint injections. Both had dedicated people willing to do weekly visits but now may not have to see either one until Spring. Yeah!




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