Holistic Medicine & Mast Cell Tumors


This is a post about Saffron, a dog with mast cell tumors. If caught early enough, this type of cancer is usually very treatable using holistic medicine. Saffron’s person summarized her dog’s care in her own words:
“We adopted Saffron, a Lab/Greyhound mix, as company for Libby, our Lab/Dalmatian mix, in April 2002.   We learned that Saffron had been to the shelter more than once, probably because she was young, anxious, and had destructive tendencies when left alone. Dr. Donna also treated Saffron for allergies and anxiety.  In November 2012, Saffron was diagnosed with Stage IV mast cell cancer, common in dogs.  We had a cancerous tumor removed from her side.  Our Western vet predicted Saffron would not live past April 2013.  We opted to forego costly conventional chemo and pursue Dr. Donna’s naturopathic cancer protocol.   Knock on wood, but it’s now April 2014 and we are still blessed to have Saffron with us and doing quite well!  I’d had never tried acupuncture or naturopathic care before Dr. Donna, but I am a convert given how well the treatment is worked on all three of our animals, especially our special Saffron girl.”