Striker’s Liver helped by herbs!

Seizures have numerous causes from a holistic prospective and Liver imbalances can be one of them. Striker is a nine year old Aussie with a history of intermittent seizures. For over a year he had been seizure free after a course of acupuncture and herbs (Unicaria and Gastrodia combination) and some of his food allergies were also at the source of his liver imbalance and contributed to those seizures early on.  He recently had an accident, a wound and lots of conventional medications. We are not sure of the cause, but through running bloodwork, his liver enzymes were very elevated, prompting the regular vet to assume he had liver cancer. The results were ALT 2393 AST 157 ALP 796 Potassium 3.7 (low) bilirubin 0.5 (high)  cholesterol 602. After five weeks of herbs inc. milk and blessed thistle, dandelion, Oregon grape root, artichoke leaf and bhumy amalaki (for drug or chemical induced liver disease). I also prescribed Ecliplex (2 tab twice a day) made by Health Concerns and a specific cooked diet with 50% meat and organic liver and 50% ground green leafy veggies. Here are his results now: ALT 81 AST 39 ALP 84 Potassium 4.1 bilirubin 0.4 (still a little high) cholesterol 202. Cholesterol elevations in dogs are almost always due to liver disease instead of any cardiovascular issue.  Although his liver problems could return, I think it’s safe to say he does not have liver cancer. Hooray for Striker (and his mom who does a lot of work!)

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