Update on Ryder, the 15 year-old Akita

ryderakika copyAn update on Ryder the 15 year old Akita. After a scare of vomiting and possibly UTI with urgency, she is normal again! Her blood work is normal (yes normal kidneys and liver!). Here is what her Mom reported today:

“I really think that the acupuncture and chiropractic work you do on a monthly basis is the main reason that she is still comfortable walking around today! I also take her on 2-3 walks per day and I know that keeps her limber! I’ve switched her to a half high quality kibble and half cooked ground turkey and quinoa. I also give her the anti inflammatory herbs and the now the cranberry and calcium supplement you recommended.”

At one point, her neck was so painful she could not get up: Chiropractic to the rescue! When her kidney Qi is weak, acupuncture helps her stay strong. The main thing is she’s 15, not on medications and has normal blood work! Good job Ryder.

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