Ryder is Pain free at 14 years old


Ryder and her person, Morgan, at the Bellingham office

Ryder is the nicest Akita you have ever met! She is very old but super engaged and happy. One year ago her neck was so misaligned and her nerve pinched that she could not use her back legs very well and had a lot of pain. Her person has traveled the world enough to know holistic treatments help the majority of the world’s people so why not try them on the dog? She takes an anti-inflammatory herbal formula I make with turmeric, devils claw, boneset, yucca, dogwood and other herbs. Plus I do chiropractic and acupuncture on her monthly. What a great way to avoid the side effects of pharmaceuticals. One day we may need them but for right now, Ryder goes on her walks and meanders around the yard just fine. Good job Ryder!

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