Another CCL cured with prolotherapy!

Luka is a four year old mixed breed dog. He suffered a full cranial cruciate ligament rupture in April and had been using three legs to run. Interestingly, he would bear more weight when walking slowly. Physical therapy and hydrotherapy were initially the main treatment because Luka’s person did not want to do surgery. There is a greater chance of rupturing the second knee months or years later after surgery so we all wanted to find a more holistic way of treating his knee problem. Dr Jeff Blake used prolotherapy to stabilize the knee joint using an injection of glucose, lidocaine and saline. The procedure was done the first week of August 2019 once we realized things were not healing on their own running the risk of muscle and tendon contraction. There are 3 videos strung together to show how he has done. The first one was right before the prolotherapy, the second one is 3 weeks afterwards and the last one is 6 weeks post prolotherapy. In them you can see gradual improvement in his gait. I am hopeful he may not need another procedure.

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