Meds to the Maximus

Maximus!Maximus is a young, three year-old French bulldog with a list of problems related to the breed. Here is a list of medications he was taking before he saw me. The problem was he was still a sick dog with no cures in sight. But NAET, acupuncture and herbs quickly replaced this list:

Amoxicillin for a month then switched to Doxycycline for months when it was discovered he has MRSP
Also Topical meds included Baytri/Dex Otic and Synotic for his ears


Frenchies are prone to hives which can be prevented using holistic techniques including bioflavinoids like Blue Bonnett’s Super Quercitin along with diet changes

He has had allergies since for many months, back and neck problems and a tumor on his heart. I thought it might be an interesting project to have a contest as to how many medications your own pet is supposed to take everyday for various problems. Maximus was at roughly 7 medications twice a day. How many drugs is your dog on? What does this do to the liver and kidneys? How does this pharmaceutical pressure affect longevity?  These are my questions to my conventional medical friends.

Today, Maximus is taking immune supporting organic mushrooms, homemade food and vitamins, Concentrated Stasis breaker (Jing Tang) to keep his heart tumor in remission and a custom Staph and yeast tincture I make for his skin including: Salvia, Oregon Grape root, Barberry, Horse chestnut, Stinging Nettle, Yarrow and yellow dock. Trying to keep his liver as healthy as possible is my goal and this is why we discontinued his prescription medications. We use NAET to knock down those allergies. I see Maximus every three weeks right now. My belief is that we are making him healthier and slowly training his immune system to be less reactive to allergens so it can fight the tumor.

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