Dori’s bladder tumor: Disappeared with holistic treatments

doriDori’s bladder tumor: Completely disappeared after a year of intensive herbal and holistic remedies. As a side benefit to the holistic protocol, her oral bone resorption seems to be normal too. The surgeons at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle would not resect the tumor because it was too close to vital structures. Using several successive ultrasounds through a boarded radiologist, it originally measured 9.5 mm, then 8 mm, then flattened out and now it is gone. Her dedicated¬†person brought her every two weeks for acupuncture and together we approached the tumor aggressively, not with chemotherapy, but with a combination of several herbs. Here is a partial list: juiced parsley, homemade diet of proteins and vegetables, Vitamin C, trace minerals, Concentrated Stasis breaker (Jing Tang), Dispel Stasis from MIddle Jiao (Kan herbs), Vitamin A/D, Uva ursi tincture one week on two weeks off and much more. She’s only 9 lbs but she’s a tough one! Healthy as can be despite her puppy mill roots. Good job Dori!

Here is a photo of another abdominal tumor found the year before attached between the bladder and colon. It was a low grade sarcoma and the weird thing is it had bone on part of it and looked like a fetus. Dr. Bennett removed that original tumor but this newest one was too risky. Note: Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle is non-corporate and my surgical go-to clinic in Seattle. Dori's tumor

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