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A small poodle

Treating Chipper’s Severe Allergies

Chipper is a four year-old whose skin allergies were so bad, his people took turns holding him at night to prevent him from chewing sores especially between the legs and around the tail. He had no fleas. The regular vet prescribed antibiotics (which helped) and steroids (which made him crazy). Both these medications had poor long term side effects. With… Read more →

A dog lying on a paw-printed mat

Treating Fonzie’s Stapholococcus Infection

This is Fonzie. He’s a hound dog with a stapholococcus infection. On his back there are little red circular patches with the hair missing. One round of antibiotics cleared it up but now it is back. We are using topical essential oils, Grapefruit seed extract twice a day, a raw diet and treating his underlying allergies with NAET. Check back… Read more →