Healing despair


Yarrow is one of the strongest medicines, independent and fearless. Capable of healing wounds and stopping bleeding.

I have been wondering about despair lately. When despair spreads throughout the hearts of many people, there is a singular connection, a higher force that takes hold and starts to dissolve it slowly.

We are all connected into the deep mycelium beneath our soil, we have a calm knowingness that can take over at times like these and show our reflection to be much stronger than we thought. Remember yarrow’s strength even in a windstorm (how she loves the energy of wind)  and even without water or good soil? Achillea thrives at the top of mountains or in a sea swept dune. Remember the gentle tremble of one Poplar leaf, with the strength of our beloved Balms of Gilead, moving to each leaf in the tree until those below look up to take notice of the power of the leaves in unison.  Our work is more important than ever. People will look to us, the healers, to heal not only their pets but some part of their own broken dream. What will we say when we feel that same sorrow?

As difficult as things appear to be now, they have been much worse. Our predecessors were persecuted, their knowledge fell silent with the last embers.

Cottonwood 3 copy

Balms of gilead, cottonwood. A popular Poplar able to cure lung infections, heal wounds all in a single medicine!

We will teach the merits of yarrow. We will teach how to make salve from cottonwood buds. And through that light, others will gather strength too, so they too can take action; action also dissolves despair. People who speak of the Earth’s medicine can see that strength lies not in the escalation of weapons but in the breathtakingly faint wind of change.

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