WEBINAR: Immune-Mediated Disease (October 30, 4:00pm PST)


Maude is 17 but when she was 3, I treated her severe IBD with NAET and herbs.

Immune-mediated and autoimmune diseases are becoming an epidemic in America today, both in humans and pets. Many people are unaware that these diseases may be connected to their pet’s chronic issues with allergies, arthritis, IBD and other inflammatory diseases. While in some cases traditional medicine may offer relief of discomfort by suppressing acute symptoms, the results are typically short-lived and often riddled with harmful side effects. Holistic medicine, however, offers a variety of methods far more gentle and effective in actually curing and preventing these diseases.

In this LIVE webinar I will be covering many related topics including food triggers, the roles of vaccines and genetics, as well as breeds most commonly affected. You’ll learn how these diseases work and the holistic options available to treat them. I’ll provide important advice on what you can do at home to prevent your pet from developing these diseases, and spend ample time answering your questions about your pets, my favorite part! The webinar is scheduled to last an hour and a half, but will continue beyond that, until all questions are answered.

It is my goal to spread the word about how to recognize and prevent these common chronic problems, so I hope you join me in this webinar to learn more!

LIVE Webinar and Q&A with Dr. Donna Kelleher

Topic: Immune Mediated Disease in Dogs & Cats

When: October 30, 2016 4:00pm PST

Cost: $39

How to Register: CLICK HERE

If you’d like to read an overview of immune-mediated diseases before the webinar, please see my Immune Mediated Disease page. 

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