Protested Donkey basketball last night

Donkey BB Protest_20160213_1

I am carrying the sign on the left on a rainy, windy day

The protest went really well last night. The ferndale police and high school officials were very nice to us but would not let us be near the parking lot. I am carrying the sign on the left that says “Veterinarians Against Donkey Basketball” and drivers had to turn right by us on the way to the event. We got nasty comments by some people but nothing was thrown and it was super fun. If you have never protested anything before–why not? ┬áIt adds a spice of life to a drab February day. The problem I have with using animals for entertainment or to make money is there is no policing force on animal abuse. Private entertainment companies do not have to provide assurance of veterinary care, of abuse-free training. In this case, the school only makes 50% of the profit off ticket sales. Surely someone there say in the math department could think of a better way to make money for the school.

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