Say bye to IBD, Minnie will tell you how


Minnie, an eight year-old girl afflicted with IBD most of her life, until now!

Minnie is a lovely girl but several times a night, several nights a week, her humans stood outside after she whined to wake them up with recurring diarrhea, cramping and nausea, so much so, her person told me, “I just assumed Minnie would never change.” The conventional veterinarians had tried several long courses of metronidazole (the drug of choice for every dog with diarrhea) and other medications and diets.

Well, it’s been about six months now of sleeping through the night! We have a normal dog now and it’s because of NAET, diet modifications (rotating novel protein switching) and herbal medicines (Happy Earth, a spleen strengthener) and other supplements. This dog just illustrates the power of holistic medicine not only to cure a disease but also to fundamentally change the way her digestive tract works. Since 70% of immunity is governed between the lining of the GI lumen and the blood barrier/lymphatics, we recognize the importance of a healthy GI tract! ¬†WE did not use probiotics or enzymes, both of which can be highly reactive to a dog that reacts to all amino acid sources.


Dr. Donna doing a NAET treatment with Minnie. She was allergic to minerals, grains, certain amino acids, chicken, egg and beef

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