Lola’s Urinary issue cured with holistic medicine!

Lola urinary

Lola is a Newfoundland with a five year history of urinary tract infections, sterile cystitis, urinary incontinence and medications. Receiving antibiotics off and on for all that time with only a surgery offered as an option, her new mom took her on and changed the game plan. Lola had knee problems and in Chinese medicine, the knees can be related to the kidneys (and weak essence).  She has dribbled and smelled pretty nasty but her new human brought her in and we studied her urinalysis throughout time. We found that her urine Ph was 8.5!  It is supposed to be 6.5 or so. She now eats a balanced homemade stew rich in turkey and organ meats and her person bought Urine Reagent Strips on-line and I have helped her design a supplementation regime customized for her with cranberry extract and L-methionine, etc.

She now is off medications and it’s a dribble free zone.