Helping to Control Seizures


Raven can sit up like a poodle.

Raven is a Schipperke with a fiery personality and history of frequent seizures, itchy skin and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Her person brought her to me because she didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals to control Raven’s seizures. I treated her seizures with acupuncture and a prescribed diet that included herbs. Consistently adhering to the prescribed diet with herbs significantly reduced her frequency of seizures to only 2-3 per year.

Like so many epileptics, Raven also suffered from skin itching and other allergy related symptoms that were exacerbated if she deviated from her prescribed diet. Her urinary tract issues presented with high urine pH, strings of mucous, and discomfort while urinating (indicative of blood in urine). I made a few adjustments to her prescribed diet and herbs and she’s now doing much better.

The goal of holistic medicine is to be proactive. In Raven’s case, a change in diet, providing herbal support and acupuncture greatly helped in preventing seizures, allergy related itching and UTIs.