Gently Treating Jenny’s Mast Cell Tumor

This is Jenny, a 17 year-old tabby cat.  She sleeps at the crook of her human’s elbow. She was diagnosed with a mast-cell tumor on her right flank. Instead of surgery (she has a heart issue), we are trying herbs. When dogs get mast cell cancer, we should take quick action to remove the tumor.  Usually, the herbs and occasional acupuncture treatments are so powerful that even dog mast cell cancer Grade 3 (high malignancy) does not spread.

If you are curious about this treatment option, read about my own dog, Smudge, in “The Proof is in the Poodle”, my relatively recent book. Conventional medicine takes off the tumor and then radiates the area.

I met a sweet Rottweiler years ago after she ruptured a disc right where the radiation beam permeated, and although her mast cell cancer did not return, in only a few short months, she could barely walk. Please share your stories of mast cell cancer and what you did to treat it.

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