Meet Kitty, 5 year-old male neutered domestic long hair rescue

History: Mild hyperesthesia or skin twitching around his back end. When we touched his sacrum, he licked incessantly at his front foot.

Conventional treatment: None. This condition is not readily treated using Western medicine. Usually, anti-inflammatories including steroids, or prednisone, are used.

Current holistic therapies: Chiropractic and acupuncture and NAET to find that Kitty had a chicken allergy that accentuated his hyperesthesia, a nerve sensitivity. Sometimes these kitties can zip around like something is chasing them and many owners say they act possessed. The condition is worsened with fleas and skin allergies.

Observations: Kitty rarely has symptoms. Occasionally, we retreat his chicken allergy but he can even eat pieces of chicken neck every few days.