Meet Burl, 5 year-old male neutered English bulldog

History: Bulldogs have medical problems!But Burl has had fewer than usual.At four months old, his recurrent aspiration pneumonia was due to elongated soft palate; that surgery we could not avoid.Epilepsy, right carpal arthritis.

Current problems:Only had three seizures in his life but the last one was severe, lasting many minutes.

Conventional treatment:Anti-convulsant therapies were considered but avoided, due to potential side-effects.Potassium bromide can weaken muscles, including involuntary muscles of the esophagus and larynx causing aspiration pneumonia.Phenobarbital can affect the liver.

Current holistic therapy:We tested Burl for food allergies, and like many epileptics, found him sensitive to several items, including minerals, grains and chicken.So we treated him for each item to “clear” his system of that allergen.He is also on homemade food, anti-inflammatory herbs for his arthritis, fish oil, multivitamins, glucosamine sulfate and other nutriceucicals. He is not currently on herbs for the seizures.

Most important current therapy:NAET.We just treated his protein allergy, hoping to make it so he will not rotate to a new protein allergy which will give rise to his seizures.

Observations:Time will tell if this “simple” holistic approach will be sufficient to control his seizures but he runs and plays with no symptoms.He is a happy boy!