Chloe is sixteen years old!

Chloe first came to me ten years ago with her inflammatory bowel disease. Medications and diet changes could not solve her ongoing diarrhea. But luckily, upon diagnosing her with multiple food sensitivities, her person was willing to cook.  Look how bright she looks at sixteen years old.  She is on herbs to strengthen her thyroid, liver, kidneys and heart which have giving her trouble. She sees a cardiologist every six months for an echocardiogram. But so far, no other medications are needed. I help her joints: shoulders and knees.  She is a maltese on a mission to live even longer thanks to holistic veterinary medicine. Here is a partial list of her herbs and supplements over the years:

Coenzyme Q10: 30 mg

Fish oil : High DHA 125 mg

Hawthorne/motherwort: 250 mg (roughly it’s a powder)

Ecliptex (a milk thistle/Chinese herbal blend for her liver

Various other herbs off an on over time: Hydrangea root, Foti root, Ashwaganda root, Nettle