Dr. Donna tries Bikram yoga

Hi guys. I have been doing hatha yoga for fifteen years and it’s a life saver helping almost every medical issue. But last night I tried Bikram or hot yoga where the room is 105 degrees and you are encouraged not to leave. I walked in and everyone was flat out on the floor (presumably resting rather than passed out) until we started. Everyone was tough and strong and muscular wearing nothing but sports bras and Speedos and It is totally not like any other yoga, locking your arms and legs and back bending to excess. There was no fat anywhere in the room. I thought most of my adipose tissue I would love to get rid of, but like all the other women in the room, I would also have to bid goodbye to every ounce of fat on my body (you can take it from there).  It was super torturous, kind of like boot camp in a desert with a skinny, scantily clothed drill sargent pushing me to stretch and bend and lift and contort past my otherwise meek physiological abilities. I kept wondering how quickly fat would drip off of me–is it immediate or would it take another session? Could I export the drill sargent’s voice for other areas of my life where I procrastinate like cleaning the house or writing another book? Overall, it was torture but I will probably go back tomorrow.