Lucy, a fifteen year-old kitty with food allergies

Lucy skinlucy skin close uplucy skin week2lucy heal 1lucy healed up

Immune imbalances are more common than you think in our indoor kitties. Lucy was diagnosed with eosinophilic plaques and bacterial infection. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell involved with allergies. Lucy pulled all her hair out and most of her skin. I was worried her pathology might be deeper and that skin cancer had developed because there was so much swelling and disfigurement in the whole right front leg. I started taking these photos when I knew we were already getting somewhere. I used NAET to diagnose and treat her food allergies (a homemade diet was not possible). She was allergic to the usual suspects: grains, chicken, egg, beef but also B-vitamins and mineral and dust. Also we used herbs to help with itching and a very light calendula tea for topical use. You can see her progression. After only 8 visits, she was cured with no need for future appointments.