Viral papilloma warts vanish in three weeks

Western medicine tells us that viral papilloma warts will go away on their own but this dog developed three within 2 months that seemed to be growing, not regressing. He received a set of vaccinations within a week of the first wart showing up which reminds me of how dermatologists use a viral papilloma vaccine to treat it often with side effects. This disease is contagious but to me indicates an immune imbalance or weakness. Most of the dogs with these Papilloma warts have been recently vaccinated and have a history of low-grade allergies.

This min. Schnauzer received a diet change, homeopathic Thuja occidentals 30C, a detox blend called Vivo zeoclear and my homemade vitamin powder (powdered organic sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and spirulina in small doses), one acupuncture session and look what happened: